Point Of Sale (POS) - T-10Toshiba POS

The new Toshiba T10 all-in-one POS system is retail optimized. Designed to be agile, flexible and reliable this POS system will scale as retailers and consumer demands change. Ultimately delivering the perfect mix of value, performance and style for budget-conscious businesses.

The unique small form factor design of the Toshiba T10 conserves retail space by fitting easily into the most compact of counter spaces. The primary display easily adjusts and conveniently folds so it can be used as a stand-alone concierge kiosk that acts as a virtual sales assistant, embedded into the counter as a self-service terminal, or even mounted on the wall, allowing for installation in any location. The dual display option allows you to tailor the information shared directly with the shopper ultimately transforming your retail store into a retail experience.

The Toshiba T10 has a modular system board that can be upgraded in the future as the technology landscape changes, so there’s no need to rip and replace your entire POS system just to keep up with the latest trends. It also comes equipped with dedicated POS ports, including powered USB and RS232. This makes it a complete retail POS solution that provides premier hardware performance at an affordable price.

The Toshiba T10 is well suited to meet both aesthetic and durability requirements for front-of-store, back office, kiosk and even out-of-store applications. The projected capacitive touch screen of the POS is more resistant to scratching and surface contaminants and liquids. Ultimately, it is designed to be used in the toughest retail and hospitality environments.


PROCESSOR: Intel Celeron J1900
DISPLAY: 15” Bezel less PCT Touch
PORTS: 7 x USB, 1 x RJ11, 4 x RS232 (2 x DB-9, 2 x RJ50), LAN
OS: WINDOWS 10 IoT Enterprise
WARRANTY: 1 year