Our Services

LILLYTOS LTD. provides factory warranty for the equipment for the number of years declared by the manufacturer. Within this period and according to the warranty terms and conditions, we commit to repair the equipment free of charge (spare parts and labor).

In addition, our company offers an annual service scheme as to provide support and resolve any problems that might arise.

The Support, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) service, is for the hardware and/or software of Cash Registers, POS Systems, PCs and peripherals (equipment).

This privileged and advantageous service, gives you the confidence that your equipment will operate at its optimum performance, since preventive maintenance service will be provided. In case of equipment malfunction, our expert and qualified personnel will immediately attend to it, minimizing the down time by bringing it back in operation quickly. This will save you time and money and will ensure you a hassle-free business environment, enabling you to concentrate on your priorities.

Benefits and advantages of the SMR scheme
Without any extra labor charges, you are entitled to:

The SMR contract is valid for 1 year, with the right of evaluation and renewal. By joining the SMR scheme, be assured that you have gained a valuable partner that will consistently undertake the maintenance of your equipment, thus ensuring the smooth flow of your daily operations.

In case that the customer does not wish to utilize this service scheme, we will offer our good services on a per call charge basis.

Pleased to be at your service.

Technical Support Team - L.B.M Lillytos Ltd